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Mission Statement

Podiatry Consulting Inc helps Podiatric physicians and surgeons increase profitability by instituting proven processes and procedures to deliver high quality healthcare.

At Podiatry Consulting Inc. (PCI) we guide you through the challenges of owning your own Podiatry Practice.  PCI is experienced with all aspects of becoming a flourishing practice. We thrive on communicating with our clients and making them an active, informed participant throughout the entire process.


Podiatry Consulting Inc. offers services for all Podiatrists needing help with increasing revenue, decreasing expenses, billing, coding,  RCM, business growth and more. PCI has over a combined 20 years of experience as well as a Board Certified Podiatrist who has travelled this road alone, for the leadership to learn on.  PCI is focusing on graduating residents ready to start their own practice, as well as other “new" Podiatrists who need help starting their business.

The company is owned and operated by two owners who have extensive knowledge in the Podiatry arena.  Dr. Daniel Pero is a Board Certified Podiatrist who opened his own private practice over 10 years ago.  He has since converted his practice into a multi-specialty group and also opened a medical spa on the side, among other business projects over the years. Dr. Pero has been through the ups and downs of opening and maintaining his own practice which was started from scratch, and that experience will shine through when helping others. We have the necessary tools to help Podiatrists in their private practice and employ several additional office professionals with Podiatry experience, as well as established individuals business and accounting professionals.

Areas of Expertise:

Podiatry Practice

    Not sure how to start your own practice.  Tired of working in a group or for someone else.  Let PCI show you the roadmap to success in opening your own practice and having the financial freedom you have always dreamed of.  We take you through a step by step process, with every detail needed to get your practice up and running.



    Having trouble picking an EHR or billing team.  Let us team you up with one of our preferred vendors that makes this process easy.  Learn to ask the right questions and analyze the data that is being given to you. With the right tools and direction you can ensure the billing team is doing what is expected of them.


Staff Management

    Need help putting together a team.  Let PCI help you streamline the process to ensure that your staff is up to par.  Interviewing, hiring, and training are some of the most important aspects to running an efficient business.  


Ancillary Services

    Looking for ways to improve your BOTTOM LINE.  PCI works with preferred vendors and has proven methods to drive the bottom line number.  Increasing your net revenue month after month by doing the same things you are already doing.


Vendor Negotiation

    Paying too much for supplies.  PCI has preferred vendors that will ensure you are getting the best price every time.



    Don't have enough time daily to finish your patient's notes.  Let us help streamline the process to ensure you don't fall behind.  With our proven process notes can get finished the same day with a full schedule.


The need for Podiatry Consulting among Podiatrists is abundant. Podiatry Consulting Inc. is the only company in the market that will provide comprehensive 1 on 1 consulting services to ensure Podiatrists in private practice are able to run their business effectively and efficiently in these challenging times of healthcare.

PCI is a consulting firm for all Podiatrists.  Consulting services will help you from the beginning of the process of starting your private practice and help ensure that dream becomes a reality.  Consulting services include but are not limited to: creating LLC or other, Tax ID number acquisition, Medicare # acquisition, credentialing, billing, coding, All RCM, creating new lines of business, increasing revenue, decreasing expenses, staff management etc. We will show you everything from answering phones to make sure you are keeping them ringing, anything and everything in between.

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