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Welcome to our Blog!

Podiatry Consulting, Inc. will be featuring the best of the best in spotlight interviews with foot and ankle KOL's, and practice gurus to give you the best insights and pearls of wisdom that can be used as building blocks to solidify your powerhouse practice. Stay tuned!


We are not your grandmother's podiatry practice's consultants. We focus on direct strategies to grow your bottom line with no B.S. We are not a cheerleading team to sit on the sidelines as you struggle and yell "You can do it!". We do not give boring lectures from a stage or podium on how to make your patient schedule more efficient. We come in, we analyze, and offer suggestions to increase profits your first month in working with us. Then we handle all the back end work to get you up and running on whichever new project suits your practice best, so you can continue seeing patients and doing surgery, without any added time or stress to your schedule.

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